ProfilePress Update 4.13.0 – Sensei LMS Support, Data Export, Improvements, Bug Fixes, and More

We are excited to announce the release of ProfilePress 4.13.0, one of our most feature-rich releases! These updates include several bug fixes, improvements, and new features. Here’s a summary of what’s included.

New Features and Enhancements:

1. Sensei LMS Integration

ProfilePress now offers out-of-the-box compatibility with Sensei LMS, allowing you to sell online courses. It can create and manage memberships and subscriptions for your online courses.

2. Data Export Feature

The new Data Export feature enables you to export user data, membership details, and more. Whether for analysis, backup, or compliance, you can now export your ProfilePress data to a CSV file, making it easy to back up your data or import it into another system.

3. One-Time Use Coupons

ProfilePress now allows you to create coupons that can only be used once, preventing users from using the same coupon multiple times.

4. Email Receipts for Free Orders

With this addition, you can now disable the sending of email receipts for free orders.

5. Password Confirmation Requirement

With the new password confirmation setting, you can enforce password confirmation as a required field during registration.

6. Redirect to the referrer URL after checkout

We’ve added a filter “ppress_checkout_redirect_to_referrer_after_payment” for redirecting users to the referrer URL after checkout, giving you more control over the post-purchase journey.

7. Conditional User Moderation

With the new filter for conditional user moderation, you can now add a filter to conditionally enable user moderation based on the registration form.

Bug Fixes:

  • Plan switching checkout bug: We have fixed a bug causing the plan switching checkout to not work for certain payment methods.
  • Subscription canceled email bug: We have fixed a bug that was causing the subscription canceled email to be sent during an upgrade.
  • Fixed bug with invalid “paid on” date: We have fixed a bug that was causing the “paid on” date to be invalid on the order edit screen.


  • Removed the redundant “ppress_noaccess_action_message_custom_no_wp_kses_post” filter.

Be sure to update to the latest version to take advantage of these new features and bug fixes. You can update your ProfilePress plugin from your website dashboard by navigating to Dashboard>>Updates. You can also download the latest version from your ProfilePress account dashboard. We are committed to improving our platform’s functionality and providing our users with the best possible experience. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch with our support team; we’ll be happy to assist you. Thank you for using ProfilePress, and we hope you enjoy the new features.

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