Creating & Applying Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a fantastic way for you to incentivize new member acquisition and retain existing members. It allows you to offer products at a discount through various means—exact amounts off, percentages off, during specific times, etc.

Unless requirements or exclusions are placed on the coupon code, it automatically applies to every product.

Adding Coupon Codes

Navigate to Membership Plans → Coupons from your ProfilePress dashboard.

Click Add New Coupon button to create a coupon.

Enter the coupon code and description. The coupon code is a short text that customers can use to apply the discount. It should be short enough to be easily remembered and used. E.g., 10PERCENT.

If the coupon code is left empty, one will automatically be generated when you save the form.

Also, enter the discount, which can be a flat rate or a percentage.

The Coupon Application setting determines whether the coupon applies to new purchases, upgrades, or both.

The Coupon Type setting lets you decide if the coupon should apply only to the first payment of a subscription or to all recurring payments.

The Use Once Per Customer setting lets you mark a coupon only to be used once by a customer.

Redemption Settings

Membership Plans: This multi-selection field allows you to select all the membership plans that this coupon strictly applies. Leave it blank to apply to all plans.

Start/End date: If you are running a sales promo, you can set the coupon’s start and end date validity. Leaving this blank will make the coupon valid at all times.

Maximum Redemptions: This allows you to limit the total number of members that can use the coupon code, after which it becomes invalid. Leaving this blank will make it unlimited.

Redeeming Discount Codes

Discount Codes can be applied in two different ways.

On The Checkout Form

The customer will see a link to enter a Coupon Code on the checkout page.

Once the customer clicks apply, the total will immediately update in the cart.

Passed via URL

You can automatically apply a coupon code by adding ?coupon=CODE (where CODE is the coupon code) to the checkout URL of the membership plan.