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Addons for ProfilePress

Extend and customize the functionality of your membership site and online business.

Accept payments and sell subscriptions via PayPal in over 100 currencies worldwide.

Accept one-time & recurring payments via Credit Card, iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit, Apple Pay, PayPal, Klarna etc. with Mollie.
Collect unlimited additional information from users besides the standard profile data.
Ensure newly registered users confirm their email addresses before they can log in.
Protect your forms against spam and bot attacks.
Let users easily register/login to your site using their social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, VK).
Decide whether to approve newly registered users or not. You can also block and unblock users at any time.

Add an additional layer of security to WordPress users accounts by requiring more than just a password to log in.

Let users log in to your website via a one-time URL sent to their email addresses.
Allow users to create new sites on a multisite network via a registration form powered by ProfilePress.

Manage billing & shipping fields, replace WC login and edit account forms in checkout and “My Account” pages with ProfilePress.

Subscribe members to your audiences when they register and automatically sync profile changes with Mailchimp.

Subscribe members to your email lists when they register and automatically sync profile changes with Campaign Monitor.

2-way synchronization between WordPress profile fields and BuddyPress extended profile.

Let users select the BuddyPress groups to join during registration.

Block spam and bot user registrations with Akismet and keep your membership site safe and secured.

Build multilingual login, registration, password reset and edit profile forms.

Build Membership & Community Sites​

Join 100,000+ websites already using ProfilePress