Invite Codes

Want to create an exclusive online community, restrict user registration, or maintain a tight-knit group of members?

Our Invite Code addon ensures only users with a valid invite code can join your WordPress site.

Why Invite-Only Registration?

🔒 Enhanced Security: Protect your community using invite codes to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your content and discussions.

🚀 Boost Engagement: Boost community engagement by creating a sense of exclusivity. Members are more likely to participate when they feel part of something special.

📈 Track Invitations: Monitor the usage of invite codes to gain insights into the growth of your community.

Key Features

Limit the number of times a code can be used for registration.

Set an expiration date for invitation codes; they will be invalid after that date.

Users can subscribe to specific membership plans by registering with a unique invite code.

Bulk Code Generator

Do you need to generate many invite codes at once? Use our bulk code-generation feature to save time.

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