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Subscribe members to your Mailchimp audiences or email lists when they register on your site.

Quick Setup

Get the Mailchimp integration up and running in a matter of minutes.

Add the audiences you want to use, map the merge fields, enable or disable double optin and select tags to assign to your users.

Registration Forms Integration

Add email list signup checkboxes to your site so users can opt in to your Mailchimp audience.

You can also give users the option of selecting the email list or audience they would love to be added to.

Sync Tool

There is a Sync tool that lets you import all users of your WordPress into a Mailchimp audience. You can decide to sync only users of a specific roles to import.

The Mailchimp addon also watches for changes in your users and automatically synchronises any detected changes with your specified audience.

Manage Subscription Page

A “manage my subscriptions” page where logged-in users can manage their own email preferences from their account page. That is, they can unsubscribe or subscribe themselves to some of your emails and not others.

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