Manage WooCommerce shipping and billing fields, replace the WooCommerce login, registration and edit account forms displayed on checkout and My Account pages with that of ProfilePress.

Manage Billing & Shipping Fields

Import WooCommerce billing and shipping fields so users can provide their billing and shipping data during account registration and manage the data using our frontend edit profile forms and My Account page.

Also support custom billing and shipping fields added to by Checkout Field Editor extension.

Replace WooCommerce Login & Registration Forms

WooCommerce has a basic login and registration form on their My Account page. Replacing them with a pretty and customisable forms from ProfilePress is only a few clicks away. Custom fields including billing and shipping fields can be added to the registration form

Replace Checkout Login Form

The addon also provides the option of replacing the default login form in WooCommerce checkout page with a custom one by ProfilePress.

Add Checkout Registration Fields

Add extra fields to the registration or create account section of WooCommerce checkout.

Replace My Account Edit Profile Form​

You can also replace the account details form in WooCommerce My Account page.

View Orders

Let users view their WooCommerce orders from the My Account page. They can also view and manage the individual orders.

View Downloads

Allow users access the downloadable files of their orders from the My Account page.

View Subscriptions

The integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions allows users to view and access their subscriptions from the account page.

View Membership

The integration with WooCommerce membership plugin lets users view and manage their memberships from the account page.

Easy to Setup

Get the addon up and running in a matter of minutes. No tearing out of hair. It’s a promise.

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