Shortcode to Display WordPress User Profile Picture or Avatar

To display users profile pictures or avatars, copy the shortcode shown below and paste it on any page, post, sidebars, widgets or wherever you want it to show.


You can also display users avatar together with a caption like so:

[avatar]Add caption here[/avatar]

The shortcode can accept the following attributes.

Attribute Description
user Can be a user ID, username, email address or slug. Also accepts current for currently logged-in users.
size The size of the image. E.g 150. Also accepts original, large, medium or thumbnail.
align Can be left, right, center or none. Only works when avatar include a caption.
link URL the avatar will link to. Also accepts file to link to the image URL.
target Accepts _blank to open the link in new tab.

Example: [avatar user="john" size="medium" link="file" align="center"]

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