Customer Management by Admin

As an administrator of your WordPress-powered membership site using ProfilePress, you have complete access and control over your members or customers.

Below is a run-through of some of what’s possible for you.

Customers Overview Page

On the customer’s page, which you can access via ProfilePress > Customers, you can:

  • Open up any customer to view more details about them
  • Click through to view the customer’s details and their current subscriptions
  • Reassign customer subscriptions to another customer
  • Delete customers

You can also filter members by a date range that they were created or registered.

Finally, you can also search for customers by their:

  • Customer ID
  • User ID
  • Customer name
  • Customer email

Customer Edit Screen

Clicking on any customer’s name or the “Edit” action link will open up the edit screen.

You can view the customer details on this page, including their billing address, number of completed orders, current subscription plans, and renewal date.

A meta box for adding a private note would be on the sidebar for future references.