How to Add Twitter Social Login to WordPress

To add a Twitter social login to your WordPress site, so that users can log in and register via Twitter, you need to create a Twitter application.

Creating a Twitter App

To allow users to log in to your site with their Twitter account you need to create a Twitter app. To create a new Twitter app, follow the steps below:

Visit If you are not logged in, sign in to the site using your Twitter account.

Go to Projects & Apps >> Overview and click the “Create App” button under the Standalone Apps section.

Give the app a name and hit the Next button to reveal your API credentials.

Copy and save the API key and secret to a secure location because it won’t be shown again.

Click on the “App settings” button to add an app icon, description and enable 3-legged OAuth.

To enable 3-legged OAuth, click the Edit button in the Authentication settings section.

Enable “3-legged OAuth” and “Request email address from users” and add the following as a callback URL Replace with your website domain.

Don’t forget to fill out the website, privacy policy and terms of service required fields.

Save the changes.

Integrating the Twitter App with ProfilePress

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to ProfilePress >> Settings and open the Social Login section.

Save the API Key and API Secret Key to the settings.

To complete the Twitter login integration, follow this article to learn how to add the Twitter login button to your registration and login forms.

The end!

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