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How to Add Social Login to WordPress

The social login addon lets users register and log in to your WordPress membership sites using their social media accounts. Supported social networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and GitHub.

To set up social login, ensure the addon is activated. You can activate the addon from ProfilePress >> Addons.

Social Login Settings

After activating the addon, go to Settings and open the Social Login section.

For each social login you want to enable, you need to create an application for them to get their API keys and secrets. Follow the links below to learn how to.

After generating the API credentials, enter and save them.

Changing the Social Login Button Texts

To change the text on the various social login buttons, click the Buttons tab menu.

Available Social Login Shortcodes & Links

Open the Integrations tab menu to see the available social login shortcodes and HTML links you can use to embed or add social login buttons anywhere on your site.

For example, [pp-social-login type="facebook"] will output the button below.

If you want to redirect your WordPress users after they log in via any of the social logins, add the “redirect” attribute to the shortcode like so:

[pp-social-login type="google" redirect=""]

If you want to dynamically change the button text rather than rely on the Buttons menu settings mentioned above, you can use the advanced shortcode like so:

[pp-social-login type="google"]Sign in with Google[/pp-social-login]

Depending on your needs, you might want to embed or use the social login links instead. The following shortcodes are available.

  • [facebook-login-url] URL to login with Facebook.
  • [twitter-login-url] URL to login with Twitter.
  • [linkedin-login-url] URL to login with LinkedIn.
  • [google-login-url] URL to login with Google.
  • [github-login-url] URL to login with GitHub.
  • [vk-login-url] URL to login with (VKontakte).

Integrations with Login and Registration Forms

Depending on your form builder, you can easily add social login buttons to your login and registration forms.

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Depending on the theme or template you use for your login and signup forms, you can easily add social login buttons by selecting the social login to enable.

You can also add the “Custom HTML” block to the form and the social login shortcode or link mentioned above.

Shortcode Builder

For the shortcode builder, the shortcode embed is the only choice. You can click the “Available Shortcodes” button to get social login shortcode quickly.

Integration with the Checkout Form

Social login allows your customers to signup and log in to your WordPress site with a social media account for easier, faster checkout. Customers no longer have to remember yet another username and password. Instead, they can use their preferred social network to create an account for your site for a frictionless checkout experience every time they visit.

Social Login buttons can be used on the “Checkout” page to expedite account creation, and customers are taken right back to the page to complete their purchases.

To add social login buttons to the checkout form, go to Settings >> Payments >> Checkout Settings and select the social login buttons to display on the checkout page in the “Checkout Social Login” setting.

Below is a preview of the checkout page with social login buttons.

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