Adding WordPress Content Protection Rules - ProfilePress

Adding Content Protection Rules

Content Protection in ProfilePress is a modern and logical way of protecting content such as pages, child pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags, and custom taxonomies in WordPress.

You can restrict your WordPress content to a certain group of users including everyone, logged-in users, and logged-out users.

Content Protection feature can be found under the ProfilePress menu in the WordPress dashboard.

When the Add New button is clicked, it would take you to the screen where you can start building your protection rule.

Enter a descriptive title for the rule you are creating, the contents to protect, the logical OR/AND and who can access the content. When you are done, click the Save Rule button.

The Access Condition section allows you to assign who can access the content you want to protect such as Everyone (all users will have access to the content), Logged in users (only those who are logged in can access the content) and Logged out users (only those who are not logged in to your website can access the protected content).

The Logical AND rule only kicks in when all grouped conditions are true and the Logical OR rule happens when one of the conditions in a group is true.

In the screenshot above, we used the OR logic where the protection rule will kick in when either of the selected post or pages is accessed by anyone. This means you want everyone to have access to the selected post and page.

The rule above will restrict posts on your site that belong to both Film and TV Series categories to only logged-in users with a subscriber role.

Update: you can now select specific registered users that will have access to restricted content.

You also have the option of showing to unauthorized users, the global restriction message, a custom message, post excerpt, or redirecting them to a specific page.

Note that you can create as many content protection rules as you want.

You can also deactivate/activate any rule at any time from the Rules listing page.

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