Creating Membership Plans

Through ProfilePress, your website can have any number of membership plans. Each plan created can have its own price and duration.

Content on your website can be restricted to specific membership plans, so site owners will frequently create multiple membership plans and then use the restriction settings to determine what members of each plan can access.

Creating a plan is easy: Set the price, billing frequency, and subscription length, and then share a Plan purchase link with your audience so they can sign up!

Creating Membership Plans

Membership plans are created and updated from ProfilePress > Membership Plans. This page lists all membership levels you have created.

You can activate and deactivate a plan at any time. Deactivate a plan if you want to stop selling it.

Click the “Add New Plan” button to create a new plan.

Enter the name, description and the price of the plan. You can also enter a Purchase Note which is a great place to add a thank you note, usage instructions, or a request for review.

User Role Sync

Finally, select the user role to associate with the plan. The recommendation is to select “create user role for this membership plan” to create and associate a new role based on the plan name. Users that subscribe to this plan will be assigned this user role. This is particularly useful if you use plugins that offer a conditional display of elements and contents or trigger certain actions based on user roles.

Choosing Billing Frequency & Subscription Length

Scroll to the “Subscription Settings” metabox.

  • Select a billing frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or one-time payment.
  • Select a subscription length: renews indefinitely until a member cancels or fixed number of payments.

Remember that once a member has completed the last subscription payment with a fixed number of payments, the subscription will not expire—essentially giving them lifetime access.

For Plans that renew indefinitely, the default setting is for the Plan to renew automatically until the member cancels their subscription or membership.

Enabling Signup Fee

Enter the amount in the Signup Fee setting if you want to charge a one-time fee in addition to the membership plan price.

Enabling Free trials

If you want to offer your members or customers a free trial for a specific duration of time before they are charged, enable the free trial by choosing the trial length.

Rounding Up

After you fill in your settings, click the Save Plan button. Once you do, you’ll see a full Plan Summary so you can review your settings at a glance and access your Plan purchase links.

Restricting content to members of a membership level

The content on your website can be restricted in numerous ways, including limiting it to just members of a specific membership level. For comprehensive documentation on restricting content, see: Adding WordPress Content Protection Rules.