How to Add LinkedIn Social Login to WordPress

To add a LinkedIn social login to your WordPress site, so that users can log in and register via LinkedIn, you need to create a LinkedIn application.

Creating a LinkedIn App

Log in to using your LinkedIn account, click on the Create App button and fill the form which includes linking the app to a page, adding a privacy policy link and uploading an app icon.

Submit the form to create the app.


It’s important you verify your app against your Linkedin page by clicking the verify button on the company section in Settings.

Still on the Settings tab, add your domain to the “Additional settings” section.

Navigate to the product tab and select “Sign In with LinkedIn”.

Move to the Auth tab and add the following as “Authorized redirect URL” Replace with your website domain.

When you are done, copy the Client ID and Client Secret to a secure location.

Integrating the LinkedIn App with ProfilePress

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to ProfilePress >> Settings and open the Social Login section.

Save the Client ID and Client Secret keys to the settings.

To complete LinkedIn social login integration, follow this article to learn how to add the LinkedIn login button to your registration and login forms.

The end!

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