How to Add Yahoo Social Login to WordPress

The WordPress social login addon lets you add Yahoo Social Login to WordPress so your website users can register and log in with their account.

To add a Yahoo social login to WordPress, you must create a Yahoo application.

Creating a Yahoo Application

To create a Yahoo application, Go to You will be asked to log in to your Yahoo account if you aren’t already logged in.

Click on the “Create an App” button in the top right corner.

Enter a name and description for the application.

Enter into the “Redirect URI(s)” field, Don’t forget to replace “” with your website domain name.

At “OAuth Client Type” choose the “Confidential Client” option.

Under the “API Permissions”, ensure you select “OpenID Connect Permissions” with both “Email” and “Profile” enabled.

When you are done, submit the form by clicking the “Create App” button.

After the app is created, you will find the necessary “Client ID” and “Client Secret” at the top of the page. Save them somewhere, as we need them shortly.

Integrating the Yahoo App With the Social Login Addon

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to ProfilePress >> Settings >> Social Login.

Save the Client ID and Client Secret to the Yahoo Settings.

WordPress Login with Amazon settings

To complete the WordPress Yahoo social login integration, we need to create a custom WordPress login and registration form and add the Yahoo login button.

Follow this article to learn how to add the Login with Yahoo button to checkout, registration, and login forms.

The end!

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