Reports Overview

ProfilePress provides different types of reporting to allow you to track membership and eCommerce activity. These reports can be accessed by navigating to ProfilePress >> Dashboard.

The Header Cards

This shows you the total customers, active subscriptions, active customers (customers with at least an active subscription or membership), and the all-time revenue your membership site has made.

Filtering Options

You can filter the reports and metrics down the page by years, months, days, custom range, and membership plans.

Available Metrics

The available reports or metrics are as follows:

  • Revenue – This shows how much money was brought in during the specified period.
  • Orders – This shows the total number of new and renewal orders over the specified period.
  • Taxes – If you have Taxes enabled, this shows the amount of taxes collected over the specified period.
  • Refunds – This shows the number of refunds processed over the specified period.
  • Top Plans – This shows the top membership plans by order count and their respective revenue over the specified period.
  • Payment Methods – This shows the top payment methods by the total number of orders processed over the specified period.

Reports Timezone

All dates and times in the dashboard reports are in the timezone of your WordPress site, which can be modified or changed in WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> General.