How to Add GitHub Social Login to WordPress

To add a GitHub social login to your WordPress site, so that users can log in and register via GitHub, you need to create a GitHub application.

Creating a GitHub App

Log in to your GitHub account and go to Click the “OAuth Apps” menu, then the “New OAuth App” button.

Enter a name and description for the app, homepage URL and the following as “Authorization callback URL” Replace with your website domain.

After submitting the form to create the app, you can add an icon and generate a new client secret.

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret to a secure location.

Integrating the GitHub App with ProfilePress

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to ProfilePress >> Settings and open the Social Login section.

Save the Client ID and Client Secret keys to the settings.

To complete GitHub social login integration, follow this article to learn how to add the GitHub login button to your registration and login forms.

The end!

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