Setting Up The Tutor LMS Addon

The Tutor LMS addon lets you charge or sell access to your Tutor LMS courses and enroll users after registration to specific courses.

Activating the Addon

To get started, ensure you have ProfilePress installed and activated on your site. Then, activate the Tutor LMS addon by going to ProfilePress>>Addons.

Tutor LMS Addon Settings

After activating the addon, you can find its setting by navigating to ProfilePress >> Settings >> Tutor LMS.

To enroll users to specific courses in Tutor LMS after registration, regardless of the custom registration form they registered through, use the Courses settings.

You can also override the default student and instructor registration pages from Tutor LMS with custom registration form pages from ProfilePress.

Selling Tutor LMS Courses with ProfilePress

Our Tutor LMS addon lets you sell your courses with ease. It works by associating one or multiple courses to a membership plan.

You can package two or more related courses into a bundle, price it lower than the cost individually, and watch your sales grow.

If the membership plan is a subscription that charges a recurring fee, access is revoked if the subscription is refunded, expired, or canceled.

Follow the instructions below to start selling Tutor LMS courses with ProfilePress.

Go to ProfilePress >> Membership Plans to create a new membership plan or open up the edit screen of an existing plan that you want to use to sell your course.

Give the plan a name, description, and price.

ProfilePress has a built-in field called “Purchase Note” shown to the customer after a successful purchase on the order confirmation page and in the customer’s receipt email. Consider using this field to provide instructions or the next steps for taking your course, along with a link to the course page.

This field accepts HTML. Here’s an example of creating a link to your course. Replace the URL with the URL to your specific course.

<a href="">Start this Course</a>

Use the Subscription Settings section to set the plan or course fee as a recurring payment that can be charged daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, every six months, or yearly.

Finally, on the Downloads & Integrations section, select the Tutor LMS courses and groups to grant users access after purchasing the membership plan.

Don’t forget to save your changes.

Enrollment Based on the Registration Form

The Tutor LMS addon also integrates with the registration form to enroll users in specific courses and groups based on the registration form they signed up through.

Tutor LMS Courses Setup

We need to enable ProfilePress as an eCommerce Engine under Monetization settings.

Go to Tutor LMS > Settings > Monetization. Select ProfilePress as your eCommerce Engine and click the Save Changes button at the top.

When a user visits any course page protected by a ProfilePress membership plan, they will see a “Subscribe Now” button that takes them to the checkout page to complete their purchase.

If the membership plan is a subscription that charges a recurring fee, access is immediately revoked if the subscription is refunded or expired.

Please let us know if you have any questions.