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Implementing WordPress Email Confirmation for New Users

One feature common in virtually every web applications and websites is the verification of email addresses by new users who registered.

The following are some of the reasons why email verification is important.

* If you want to send users of your site occasional email, validation ensures the email doesn’t get bounced.
* If you want to use e-mail as a way to verify registering users aren’t robots.
* By verifying the email, you are sure users will get critical account notifications such as password reset and when their payment/profile information is updated.

WordPress by default does not verify the email addresses of users registering an account on your site. In this tutorial, I will show us how to set up or implement an email verification system in your WordPress powered website via ProfilePress email confirmation extension.

When this email verification is implemented, the account of registered users will be locked hence, they are unable to log in until they very their email address.

Setting it Up

You need to activate the addon by navigating to ProfilePress>>Addons and toggling on the activation switch.

Note: Registered users prior to activating this extension automatically becomes verified.

Fill out the following fields to configure the “email address verification” email sent to newly registered users.

Note: the email confirmation URL or link expires after 30 minutes. You can always change the expiration time at the Link Expiration settings field.

Click on Save Changes to apply your changes.

With the above setup done, when a new user creates an account in your WordPress powered website, they receive the verification email with a link to confirm/verify their email address.

Other Features

Besides the primary responsibility of verifying users’ email addresses, the addon can also automatically login users immediately after they confirm or verify their email.

Automatically log in users after verifying/confirming their account in WordPress

It can also delete users from WordPress who haven’t confirmed or verified their email address after a period of time.

Delete unverified users from WordPress

As administrators, you can manually verify a user as well as resend the confirmation email to them by hovering over their username on the WordPress user admin page and clicking the appropriate action link.

La fin!