Redirect WordPress Users After Registration to a Specific URL

Do you want to redirect WordPress users to a specific URL after registration?

Redirecting members to a special page or URL after WordPress registration is a great way to ensure a smooth and seamless registration experience for your website visitors.

Here’s how to redirect users to a specific URL after registration with ProfilePress.

How to Create a User Registration Form

Building the Registration Form

  1. Hover on ProfilePress and click on Forms & Profiles
  2. Click on Add New and select the Registration form type
  3. Enter a name for the form
  4. Select your preferred template
  5. Design the form with the drag & drop or Advanced shortcode builder.

You can preview how the form will look by clicking on the “Live Preview” button.

Setting Up the WordPress User Redirect After Registration

With your registration form created, you can now configure the redirection URL that will be used to redirect members to the specific URL after they have completed their registration.

A registration form shortcode looks like the one below, where the id attribute specifies the ID of the registration form.

[profilepress-registration id="1"]

To automatically log registered users into your site and redirect them to a specific URL, for example, to a membership plan checkout URL, modify the registration form shortcode as follows:

[profilepress-registration id="3" redirect=""]

If you do not want users to be auto-logged in before the redirect happens, modify the registration form shortcode like so:

[profilepress-registration id="3" no-login-redirect=""]

This shortcode will redirect users to the specified URL after completing the registration process, providing a seamless and convenient user registration experience.

Final Thoughts on Redirecting WordPress Users After Registration

Redirecting users to a specific URL after registration with ProfilePress is a quick and easy process that can significantly enhance the user experience on your site. This is particularly useful if you want to redirect users to specific membership plan checkout URLs based on the registration form they signed up from.