Redirecting Users to a Specific Checkout URL After Registration

Redirecting members to a specific URL after registration ensures a seamless experience.

Here’s how to redirect members to a specific membership checkout URL after registration with ProfilePress.

Table of Contents

Configuring the Redirection URL

A registration form shortcode looks like the one below, where the id attribute specifies the ID of the registration form.

[profilepress-registration id="1"]

To automatically log registered users into your site and redirect them to a specific URL, for example, to a membership plan checkout URL, modify the registration form shortcode as follows:

[profilepress-registration id="3" redirect=""]

If you do not want users to be auto-logged in before the redirect happens, modify the registration form shortcode like so:

[profilepress-registration id="3" no-login-redirect=""]

This shortcode provides a seamless and convenient membership registration experience by redirecting users to a specified URL upon completion of the registration process.


Redirecting users to specific membership checkout URLs after registration with ProfilePress is a simple process that can significantly enhance their experience on your site. This is particularly useful if you want to redirect them based on the registration form they signed up from.