Setting Up Direct Bank Transfer Payment Method

Direct Bank Transfer, or Bank Account Clearing System (BACS), is a payment method that does not require online payment. Orders made using Direct Bank Transfer will be Pending until payment clears outside of ProfilePress.

You, as the website owner, should confirm that payments have cleared to your bank accounts before marking the order as complete in ProfilePress.

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Setup and Configuration

Configuring the “Direct bank transfer” payment method is simple and only takes a few moments.

Go to ProfilePress > Settings > Payments >> Payment Methods and click the Configure button for “Direct bank transfer”.

On the setup page, enter a title and description for the payment method, which will be displayed on the ProfilePress checkout page. You also need to enter your bank account details that your users or customers would need to make payments to.

If you don’t want the billing address field displayed when the “Direct bank transfer” payment method is selected, check the “Remove Billing Address” checkbox settings.

When you are done, don’t forget to save your changes.

Here’s a demo of this payment method on the ProfilePress checkout page.

After submitting the form, your customers will see their order ID and your bank account details to make the transfer.


In conclusion, setting up a direct bank transfer payment method offers numerous benefits for businesses and customers. By providing a secure and convenient way to transfer funds directly from a customer’s bank account, businesses can streamline their payment processes and reduce the risk of fraud. Customers, on the other hand, can enjoy the ease of making payments without the need for credit cards or third-party payment platforms.

If you need further guidance on using the Direct Bank Transfer payment method or run into any issues setting things up, please reach out to our team, and we’ll be glad to help.