How to Add Microsoft Social Login to WordPress

The WordPress social login addon lets you add Microsoft Login to WordPress so that your website users can register and sign in with their Microsoft account.

To add a Microsoft social login to WordPress, you need to create a Microsoft application.

Creating a Microsoft Application

Go to You will be asked to log in to your Microsoft account if you aren’t already logged in.

Click on the Search bar, search for “App registrations” and open it.

Click on “New Registration” to create a new app.

Enter a name for the application.

Select the supported account types which specify who can use the application, sometimes called its sign-in audience.

Supported account types Description
Accounts in this organizational directory only Select this option if you’re building an application for use only by users (or guests) in your tenant.

Often called a line-of-business (LOB) application, this app is a single-tenant application in the Microsoft identity platform.

Accounts in any organizational directory Select this option if you want users in any Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant to be able to use your application. This option is appropriate if, for example, you’re building a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that you intend to provide to multiple organizations.

This type of app is known as a multitenant application in the Microsoft identity platform.

Accounts in any organizational directory and personal Microsoft accounts Select this option to target the widest set of customers.

By selecting this option, you’re registering a multitenant application that can also support users who have personal Microsoft accounts.

Personal Microsoft accounts Select this option if you’re building an application only for users who have personal Microsoft accounts. Personal Microsoft accounts include Skype, Xbox, Live, and Hotmail accounts.

In the “Redirect URI” field, select the “Web” option as the platform and the URL. Don’t forget to replace “” with your website domain name.

Click the Register button to create the application.

After the app is created, you will find the necessary “Client ID” on the Overview page.

To get the app Client Secret, click the “Add a certificate or secret” link.

Click on “New client secret”.

Enter a Description, select an expiration time and submit.

Save the Client ID and Secret somewhere, as we need them shortly.

Integrating Microsoft App With Social Login Addon

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to ProfilePress >> Settings >> Social Login.

Save the Client ID and Client Secret to the Microsoft Settings. Please ensure the selected audience is the same as what was selected when creating your Microsoft application.

To complete the WordPress Microsoft social login integration, we need to create a custom WordPress login and registration form and add the Microsoft login button.

Follow this article to learn how to add the Login with Microsoft button to checkout, registration, and login forms.

The end!

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