How to Add Social Login with Amazon to WordPress

The WordPress social login addon lets you add a Login to Amazon button to WordPress so that your website users can signup or register and log in with their Amazon account.

To add an Amazon social login to your WordPress site, you must create an Amazon application called Security Profile.

Creating a Security Profile

To create an Amazon security profile to add Amazon social login to WordPress, follow the steps below:

Visit You will be asked to log in to the Developer Console, which handles application registration for Login with Amazon.

If this is your first time using the Developer Console, you will be asked to set up an account.

If you don’t have a Security Profile yet, you’ll need to create one. You can do this by clicking on the orange “Create a New Security Profile” button.

Enter a Name and a Description for your security profile. A security profile associates user data and security credentials with one or more related apps. The Name is the name displayed on the consent screen when users agree to share information with your application. This name applies to Android, iOS, and website versions of your application.

You must enter a Consent Privacy Notice URL for your application. The Privacy Notice URL is the location of your company or application’s privacy policy (for example, This link is displayed to users on the consent screen. It applies to Android, iOS, and website versions of your application.

If you want to add a Consent Logo Image for your application, click Upload Image. This logo is displayed on the sign-in and consent screen to represent your business or website. It applies to Android, iOS, and website versions of your application. The logo will be shrunk to 50 pixels in height if it is taller than 50 pixels; there is no limitation on the width of the logo.

Once you have filled in all the required fields, click the Save button.

Your security profile should look similar to this:

Next, click on the Web Settings menu tab.

Fill the “Allowed Origins” with the URL of your website. E.g.

Enter into the “Allowed Returned URLs” Don’t forget to replace “” with your website domain name.

Save the changes.

Find the security profile’s “Client ID” and “Client Secret” and save them somewhere, as we need them shortly.

Integrating the Amazon Security Profile with ProfilePress

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Go to ProfilePress >> Settings >> Social Login.

Save the Client ID and Client Secret to the settings.

WordPress Login with Amazon settings

To complete the WordPress Amazon social login integration, we need to create a custom WordPress login and registration form and add the Amazon login button.

Follow this article to learn how to add the Login with Amazon button to your registration and login forms.

The end!

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