How to Subscribe WordPress Users to Mailchimp After Registration

How to Subscribe WordPress Users to Mailchimp After Registration

Want to build an email list? There are several ways to do it. You can add a popup to your popular pages, add a subscription bar on your website, or run contests and offer giveaways on social media. You can also add a Mailchimp subscription checkbox to your WordPress user registration form.

This article does not cover all the different ways you can build a subscription list, but we will show you how to add an email checkbox to your WordPress user registration form.

Users who are registering on your site will have the option to select the checkbox. After the registration is complete, the users will be added to your Mailchimp subscription list.

Apart from adding new users, we will also show you how to add or synchronize old users already registered on your site.

Let’s get started.

Adding WordPress Users to Mailchimp After Registration

You will need a plugin to add a checkbox on your registration form. There are several plugins to choose from, but we recommend using ProfilePress because it’s easy to use, offers many features, and has a responsive support team.

Now, let’s dive into the tutorial.

Install ProfilePress & Mailchimp Addon

Step 1: Install and activate ProfilePress on your WordPress website.

Step 2: Go to ProfilePress > Addons, then scroll down to Mailchimp and toggle the button.

Step 3: Create a Mailchimp account and generate an API key if you haven’t already done. Next, open your WordPress dashboard, go to ProfilePress > Settings > Integrations > API Key, and enter your Mailchimp API key. Then hit Save Changes.

Create New Email List

Step 4: On the page where you added the API key, there is an Add New Audience button. Click on that.

Step 5: On the next page, you will find some options. Let’s look at how you can use these options to create a checkbox on your registration form.

i. Select Enable Audience.

ii. In the Title option, add a name that will appear on the registration form and my account page of your site’s users.

iii. In the Audience option, you will find a drop-down with email lists from your Mailchimp account. You may have more than one email list. First, choose the email list where you want to add newly registered users.

Iv. The steps you have taken so far will allow you to add a checkbox to your registration form. This means users can choose not to be added to your email list. But if you want to remove that option, select the Automatically Add New Users option. Then, the checkbox will be removed from the registration form, and users will be automatically added to the Mailchimp list after registering.

v. As the name suggests, the Map Fields option allows you to map the fields to their respective attributes in Mailchimp. So map the fields carefully.

vi. Select Double Optin only if you want to send email verification to the users before they are added to the email list.

vii. Use the Tag option to assign tags to users signing up for this particular email list. That said, you have first to create the tag in your Mailchimp account to use the Tag option.

And when you are ready, click on the Save Changes option.

Create & Publish Custom Registration Form

Step 6: You have to create a new custom WordPress registration form. Go to ProfilePress > Forms & Profiles > Add New > Registration.

Step 7: You will be given the option to edit a pre-built template or create the form from scratch.

To create a form from scratch, you need to know how to code. This is why we recommend choosing the Drag & Drop Builder.

Step 8: On the next page, you have to name the form and choose a template. Then you will proceed to design the form using the drag and drop builder.

Step 9: On the right hand of the drag and drop builder, you will find custom fields like username, email address, password, website, etc. Drag these fields to the left to start building the form.

Custom woocommerce registration form builder

Step 10: Scroll down to the Form Settings section and change the appearance, fields, labels, etc., as per your needs.

Step 7: Hit the Save Changes button when the form is ready. Then copy the shortcode of the form, located right below the form’s name.

Step 7: Next, create a new page by going to Pages > Add New and paste the shortcode on the page. Give a title to the page and hit the Publish button.

Your form is now live on your website.

Here’s how the registration form looks on our demo site:

Now that the form is ready, all that’s left is to add an email checkbox on the new registration form to allow users to opt for the email list.

Add Email Checkbox to Registration Form

Step 8:Drag and drop the Custom HTML field to where you want the email list checkbox to appear.

Click on the gear icon, and a popup will appear with a content field. In the content field, write this text: Join our email list. Then hit the Apply Changes button and close the popup.

Step 9: Next, drag and drop the Mailchimp custom field below the custom HTML field. Click on the gear icon, and a pop-up will appear. Under Select Audience, choose the email list you just created and hit Apply Changes. Close the popup.

Step 10: Preview the form by clicking on the Live Preview button.

If you feel the need to change anything, for instance, the text or appearance of the email subscription checkbox, select the gear icon on the Mailchimp custom field.

Remember to save your setting by clicking on the Save Changes button.

That’s it, folks. Anyone who registers on your website will have the option to subscribe to your email list. After the registration, they will be added to your Mailchimp email list.

Side Note: It’s worth noting that users can remove themselves from the Mailchimp email list from the My Account page. All they need to do is uncheck the checkboxes.

How to Add Existing WordPress Users to Mailchimp

You have learned how to add new WordPress users to your Mailchimp list. But what about your existing users? How do you add them to the Mailchimp email list? We’ll show you how.

The steps are straightforward. On your WordPress dashboard, go to ProfilePress > Settings > Integrations > Sync Tool and select the option Click to Open Sync Tool.

Next, there is a drop-down menu in the Select User Role option. From the drop-down menu, select All Users. If you want to sync users with specific user roles, then choose those user roles from the drop-down menu instead of the All Users option.

Then, choose the email list you created in the previous section from under the Select List option.

Done? Now, hit the Sync Users button. And all your site users will be added to the new Mailchimp email list.


That’s it, folks! That is how you can add newly registered users of your WordPress site to your Mailchimp email list.

With the help of a plugin like ProfilePress, you can add a checkbox to your registration form and let users choose if they want to join your email. Alternatively, you can make it mandatory for users to subscribe to your email list. Moreover, you can add existing site users to your email list if you haven’t done that already.

That said, ProfilePress can do much more than this.

With ProfilePress, you can create user profiles and member directories, restrict access to posts, pages, categories, etc., create social logins, and much more. Take a look at all the features that ProfilePress offers and give the plugin a try.