WordPress User Registration with Only Email Address

In previous tutorials, we learned how to create WordPress registration forms without requiring users to enter their username and password.

Do you know you can also create a custom WordPress registration form with just an email field? where users can register or sign up to your WordPress site with only their email address without a username, password or any other custom field values. This is exactly what we’ll be building in this tutorial.

Building the Registration Form

Drag-and-drop Form Builder

Create or edit an existing registration form and ensure only the email field is added to the form and Disable Username Requirement setting is checked.

Advanced Shortcode Form Builder

Create or edit an existing frontend registration form and ensure only the email address and the submit button fields shortcodes are present and ensure Disable Username Requirement is checked.

<div id="sc-register">
  <h1>Create an Account in Seconds</h1>
  <div class="sc-container">
    [reg-email title="Email Address" placeholder="Email Address"]
    [reg-submit value="Register"]

Finally, click the “Save Changes” button to create the registration form.

To use it as your registration form, create a page and save the generated form shortcode. You should now see the form displayed on the page when previewed.

How The Registration Process Works

When users create an account on your WordPress site, their username will be gotten from their email address (e.g johndoe is the username in [email protected]). And when a registration form does not include a password field, ProfilePress will automatically send a password reset email so they can create their password.

Password reset email preview

You can also decide to disable the password reset email that is automatically sent immediately after registration and instead include the password reset URL or link in their welcome email.

To disable the password reset email that is automatically sent, add the code snippet below to your active theme’s functions.php file or a site specific plugin.

add_filter('ppress_enable_auto_send_password_reset_flag', '__return_false');

To include the password-reset link in welcome email to new users, go to Settings >> Emails >> Account Welcome Email and ensure it is enabled and include the placeholder for lost-password link {{password_reset_link}} in the message.

Enable welcome email in WordPress


For reasons best known to you, you may want an increase in the number of user signups to your website; using an email only registration form can do the trick because it makes the registration process very easy.

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