Setting Up User Moderation in WordPress

Do you want to set up user moderation in WordPress?

User moderation in WordPress involves implementing measures to review, approve, and manage user accounts before they can log in.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of moderating users in WordPress using the ProfilePress membership plugin.

How to Moderate New User Registrations in WordPress

ProfilePress User Moderation addon allows you to decide whether to approve newly registered users or not. You can also block and unblock users at any time.

Activating the Addon

To activate the User Moderation addon, go to ProfilePress>>Addons>> Scroll to User Moderation and switch it ON.

After activating the addon, you will receive a notification email about each user registration, and you can choose to either approve or reject the user. And new user accounts will be in pending mode until you approve or block them.

If there are users awaiting approval, you will also see an admin notice as well as a note in the “At a Glance” dashboard widget informing you about it.

Pending users’ admin notice

WordPress "At a Glance" dashboard widget

To approve new users or block/delete them, go to the Users → All Users. Find the pending users and approve them.

User Moderation Module in Action

When a user is approved/rejected, the user will receive an approval/rejection email sent to his registered email. The same thing happens when a user is blocked/unblocked. To customize the email content, please check our Email Settings article.

Moderation Error Messages

Blocked Error Message: This is the error message displayed when a blocked user tries to log in.

Pending Error Message: This is the error message displayed when a registered user yet to be approved tries to log in.

Rejected Error Message: This is the error message displayed when a rejected user tries to log in.


Setting up user moderation in WordPress is a crucial step for website owners and administrators to maintain a safe and closely-knit online community.

We hope this article helped you learn how to set up user moderation so you can moderate every new users that registers to your WordPress site.