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How to Create a WordPress Stripe Payment Form

Are you considering incorporating Stripe payments into your WordPress membership site?

Unfortunately, WordPress does not have native support for payments on your site. That’s why utilizing a dedicated membership plugin like ProfilePress is highly recommended. ProfilePress enables you to create a payment form and use Stripe as the payment gateway. With ProfilePress, you can personalize the payment form and deliver a seamless payment experience to your customers.

This article outlines the steps of creating a membership plan and implementing the Stripe payment gateway on your WordPress membership website with ProfilePress, a WordPress plugin that offers pre-built forms and supports the Stripe payment gateway.

ProfilePress: The ultimate solution for creating Stripe payment forms

ProfilePress offers an all-in-one solution for creating a full-fledged membership site in WordPress.


With the ProfilePress plugin, you get complete control over the configuration and design of your membership website. The plugin allows you to create one-time or recurring subscription plans, offer free trials, and set a sign-up fee for your membership plans. ProfilePress is also robust and provides the functionalities needed to set up some of the most popular payment methods on your membership site, such as Paystack, PayPal, Mollie, and Razorpay.

ProfilePress provides the Stripe Checkout add-on, which enables you to receive payments via your Stripe account and enables members to pay using Visa,  Mastercard, bank transfers, and USSD.

ProfilePress is a membership plugin that stands out for its simplicity and ease of use on any WordPress website, even for non-technical users. In addition, it offers advanced features that don’t require coding skills, which makes it an excellent choice for businesses that need a user-friendly membership plugin. With its robust functionality, ProfilePress provides a powerful solution for managing memberships in WordPress sites.

How to create a WordPress Stripe payment form with ProfilePress

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to create a Stripe payment form on your WordPress website using ProfilePress.

To proceed with this guide, you will require a WordPress website with the ProfilePress plugin installed. This will enable you to create a membership plan, configure your Stripe account, and create a smooth checkout page.

Step #1: Install and activate the ProfilePress plugin

Go to Plugins > Add New and click on the Upload Plugin button.

uploading plugin in wordpress

Choose the plugin zip file and click Install Now.

Once installed, click Activate.

Step #2: Create membership plans

Now that the ProfilePress plugin is installed and activated on your WordPress site, we can start creating membership plans. To do this, go to ProfilePress → Membership Plans and click on the Add New Plan button.

Add a new plan

The Plan Details meta box lets you set basic membership plan details such as the name, description, and price of your membership plan. You can also offer membership plans for free if you set the Price ($) field to “0”. Once you’re done setting up your membership plan details, click on the Subscription Settings meta box.

Plan details

From the Billing Frequency dropdown menu, you can choose the payment frequency for your membership plan, such as monthly, weekly, annually, or every six months, for example.

Furthermore, the Signup Fee field can be configured to require a one-time sign-up fee for all new users, effectively preventing spam submissions. Additionally, you can set the length of the free trial period using the Free Trial dropdown menu. Remember to save your membership plan by clicking the Save Plan button.

Upon saving your membership plan, a unique checkout URL will be generated. You may use this URL to create a pricing page or share it with your potential customers so they can complete their payment for the membership plan.

Checkout URLs for your new plans

Step #3: Set up your Stripe account

After creating a membership plan for your WordPress website, You need to set up a payment system to enable potential members to sign up and pay for their membership plan using Stripe. For this, you’ll need to configure your Stripe account settings in the ProfilePress plugin settings.

To get started, navigate to ProfilePress → Settings in the WordPress admin dashboard, and select the Payments tab from the top menu.

If you want to test the setup before going live, ensure you activate “test mode” here before going through the setup.

Next, click the “Connect with Stripe” button to connect ProfilePress to your Stripe account.

You’ll be taken to, where you’ll be prompted to create a new Stripe account or log in to your existing one.

Once you complete the form, you’ll be taken back to your website.

Enable the Stripe integration by checking “Enable / Disable,” Don’t forget to set a title and description.

Step #4: Restrict membership content

With the membership plan created and the Stripe payment gateway configured as the only payment option, you may set up content protection rules using the ProfilePress plugin. To begin, go to ProfilePress → Content Protection and click on the Add a Protection Rule button.

Content protection rule

After giving your content restriction rule a new title, use the Content to Protect section to specify which content will be restricted to members only.

Content restriction settings

When creating a content protection rule, you can protect specific pages containing membership content by selecting “Selected Posts” and specifying the pages in the field next to the dropdown menu. Afterward, choose “Logged in users” from the “Who can access the content?” dropdown menu.

Subsequently, select the membership plan you created previously using the “Select Membership Plans that can access content” field. You can then indicate the action to be taken when unauthorized users attempt to view restricted posts or pages on your WordPress website by selecting an option from the “What happens when users without access try to view the content?” field at the bottom.

Click on the Save Rule button when you are done.

Step #5: Let users pay for the content via the Stripe form

Now that everything is set up, you must create a checkout page on your WordPress site to let users subscribe to membership plans. If a checkout page wasn’t created, create a new page by navigating to Pages → Add New and paste the checkout shortcode.

ProfilePress shortcode

Once that’s done, navigate to ProfilePress → Settings and click on the Pages section under the General tab.

General settings

Specify the page you just created that has the ProfilePress shortcode using the Checkout Page dropdown menu and click on the Save Changes button to continue.

So when your users, website visitors, or prospective customers visit the checkout URL of any membership plan, they will see a checkout page with the Stripe payment option.

By enabling Stripe payments as the only payment option on your WordPress membership website and setting up membership content protection rules using the ProfilePress plugin, your customers can quickly pay for premium membership content using their Stripe accounts.


Building a Stripe payment form for your WordPress membership site can be effortless, thanks to the ProfilePress plugin. This handy tool streamlines the process and makes it simple to follow.

With ProfilePress, anyone can easily create a Stripe payment form on their WordPress membership site, even without extensive technical know-how.

Create the member-only content and a subscription plan, and then connect your Stripe account to the ProfilePress plugin. This will allow your users to conveniently pay for their memberships from your WordPress website, and you will receive the payment in your Stripe account.

Are you ready to use this convenient solution and create Stripe payment forms? Get ProfilePress now!